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Top ten gifts for dog lovers

Whether it's for Christmas, a human or dog's birthday, or just a gift to show you care, dog owners love getting dog-related gifts. I know I do. In fact, when I couldn't find the kind of dog-related t-shirts I wanted to wear, I started designing my own one-off shirts, and then started selling them when the pandemic drop-kicked my business to the floor.

So, yes, this list does include some of my own dog designs, like the t-shirt in the main picture above, but they definitely meet my criteria of cool gift for a dog-lover, and selling some of my shirts is kind of the main reason for building this site. But the other gifts I've found are also exactly the kind of unique dog stuff any self-respecting pooch obsessive would be pleased to receive. But we'll start with my washing label shirt...


Best for any stylish dog owner

This was one of the very first shirts I designed, initially just for myself, and I own this on t-shirts and a sweatshirt and it's still one of my favorites. The icons are closely based on washing label symbols, with a dog-related twist, and the design sits nicely across the chest without being too big and in-your-face. The link takes you to my Amazon shirt, where it's priced the cheapest, but is also available on other items in my Redbubble and Teepublic stores.


Best for owners who spoil their pups

Being a single pawrent and not having any human puppies, I can't help but treat my furry son as my child. But then I don't know a dog owner who doesn't get all silly on their pup's birthday. So this Birthday Boy Party Pack is a fail-safe gift for your dog-mad friend or relative and includes all a dog needs to be frustrated while they sit for photos before being allowed to eat the cake.

You get a party hat, secured for those photos by an elastic strap, a ten-slice pup pie for sharing with their party pals, and a bandana with 'Birthday Boy' printed on it. The bandana comes in two sizes, and there's also a Birthday Girl version of the whole pack. The 'cake' is very hard and not at all cake-like, but Rumble had one last year and devoured it all pretty quick, so it gets his approval, too. It also means it'll last a long time, in case you don't know when their dog's birthday is!


Best for nosey dogs

I would love one of these for myself so I can see what the neighbors are doing to make so much noise next door. But if our fence was on the street, I'd definitely get Rumble one of these Dome Dog Windows so he could see when his friends are heading down the road to go to the park.

It's made from thick, wipe-clean, acrylic, comes with all the necessary fittings and is 9.8" in diameter 4.6" deep, so your curious canine will have a panoramic view up and down the street. In all seriousness, it's ideal for dogs who bark at anything they hear or smell over the fence, or dogs who try to escape, as it'll relieve that frustration of wanting to know what's going on beyond the fence.

You could even go crazy and paint a ship on the fence, making it look like a porthole, and stick your poor pooch in one of these naval captain's hats!


Best for dog-loving campers

Available on Redbubble

This is one of my designs again, and looks great on clothing but works just as well on pillows, tapestries and throws. These floor pillow covers from Redbubble are 90cm x 90cm and made from durable 100% spun polyester. You'll have to buy the pillow itself separately, but they are also available as complete pillow and case in five sizes of throw pillow, from 40cm x 40cm up to 65cm x 65cm. As for the unique Rumble Dog Tees design, there are over 40 versions covering most popular dog breeds, not just Great Danes. Email me if you want one for a breed I've missed.

And here's a quick video on our Instagram of the design in-the-making.


Best for lazy dog owners

There are many different ball launchers out there, and I really wanted the Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster, but I've read many reviews that say it just doesn't fire far enough and doesn't deal with drool-drenched balls very well. But this Hyper Pet Kannon Ball Launcher has a simpler mechanism that should last longer as it's just a tube and an elastic band-powered firing rod rather than the Nerf's more complicated system, which eventually pulls dirt into the spring. With the Kannon you simply pull the handle back as far as you like, and let go. So you can adjust how far you fire the ball by how far you pull the handle back. Simple. It's also a third cheaper than than the Nerf.


Best for coffee-swigging moms and tea-drinking mums

Available on Redbubble

Another Rumble Dog Tee product, this design is on t-shirts and other clothing, as well as phone cases, stickers, throws, shower curtains, duvets and more. It's available in 'mom', 'mum' and 'dad' versions, and over 40 dog breeds. But you can't beat a simple mug for a gift, as who doesn't always have a room for another mug? These Redbubble mugs are available in this Classic Mug style or a tapered Tall Mug version, both dishwasher safe and discounted when purchasing more than one.


Best for owning the dog park

This is a great little gift set, packaged in an eco-friendly gift box all ready for wrapping. You get a quality collar made from durable hemp and cotton, with a sturdy, metal D-ring and solid plastic clip fastener. It slides into the sleeve of the included matching bandana, and it's all topped off with a matching friendship bracelet for the human.

This red heart design is just one of many designs in this range from Pettsie, with some replacing the bandana with bow-ties that attach to the collar. Perfect for any human-canine duo looking to own the catwalk, er, dogwalk.


Best for K9 Clean-Up Crews

Available at Spreadshirt

You can't go wrong with a dog bandana, but if you want a cheaper, simpler option, with a much cooler, unique design, then try my Snack Patrol range on these dog bandanas from Spreadshirt. This is the Jack Russell version, but it's available in 20 different breeds and includes the text "Snack Patrol - K9 Clean-Up Crew, To Detect & Slurp".

The best part of Spreadshirt products is that you can customise any design by adding your dog's name or any message you like. Find yours here at my Spreadshirt store.


Best for office-bound dog lovers

Hands up if you have actual conversations with your dog. Yep, me too. Deep, meaningful exchanges too. Mostly about squirrels or why I'm working and not throwing the ball, admittedly, but definitely conversations. Just like the hilarious conversations between a foul-mouthed Bulldog and his patient owner 'October Jones' in these fictional Texts From Dog SMS messages.

What started out as a funny Tumbler thread called textsfromdog by British animator Joe Butcher went viral and is now available as the perfect dog-owner gift in this day-to-day desk calendar. The pages tear off and include daily extras on the back, including puzzles, jokes and trivia.


Best for Yorkie-loving shoppers

Available at Redbubble

These cool tote shopping bags are made from durable 100% spun polyester poplin fabric with a strong 1" wide cotton shoulder strap. Yorkie fans will love my cute Yorkshire Terrier illustration, printed big and bold on one side of the bag. The design is also available on clothing and other items, and there are many other dog breed illustrations on tote bags available in my Redbubble store. A lighter, eco-friendly cotton tote bag is also available in this design.

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