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Top dog costumes for Halloween, Christmas or pet parades

top best dog costumes outfits for halloween christmas pet parades
You just know she's really happy about wearing that hat!

Obviously dogs love nothing more than being made to look ridiculous by being stuffed into a giant hot-dog costume or turned into a pumpkin. That wide-eyed 'what the heck are you doing to me?!' stare they give you really finishes off the outfit, am I right? But let's face it - we give them everything they need and treat them like royalty for the rest of the year, so the least they could do is let us roll about the floor in fits of uncontrollable laughter from time to time as they waddle about dressed as an Ewok.

So here is a quick run through of our favorite canine comedy costumes for all occasions. Tissues to wipe the tears of joy from your face sold separately.


May the paws be with you

Rubie's Costume store produce many Star Wars costumes for humans, but their range for pets has just the same attention to detail. It was a toss up between this Bantha Costume or the super cute Ewok outfit, which would suit a Shih Tzu or Maltese perfectly as they've got the right face! My Rumble has the ideal long-haired coat and coloring to become a Bantha, complete with stuffed Tusken Raider rider on the saddle and horned headpiece.

Check it out here


If you go down to the woods today...

In lieu of the teddy-like Ewok outfit, this teddy bear get-up maxes out the cuteness quota. The costume covers their head, with the hood, and their front legs, which go inside the fake teddy legs. When they walk they look like a teddy from the front. It's worth clicking the link to watch some of the videos customers have uploaded of their less-than-amused pets. Not suitable for long-limbed pups due to the leg length but the perfect outfit for a Cockapoo who enjoys picnics in the woods.

Check it out here


Furry felons doing time

If you want to get more value out of your dog costume, get this prisoner outfit and put them in it whenever they've been naughty! Great for bigger dogs like German Shepherds and Retrievers, but they come in four sizes so there'll be one for your dog. It is a onesie style outfit with four leg holes. Some customers cut the bottom out and turn it into a vest, so their dog can do their business without problem. The material is soft and stretchy and the hat has an elasticated strap to keep it secure during any prison breakouts.

Check it out here


Elementary my dear Human

When the game is afoot and the case of the missing sausages remains unsolved, it's time to get this stylish dogtooth trench coat and deerstalker hat on your hound. Secured around the neck and under the belly with Velcro, the brushed cotton coat features the cape synonymous with the famous detective and a faux leather belt to complete the look. Holmes' legendary double-brimmed hat is secured with elastic and the flaps can be tied-up on the head, to keep out of the way while on the hunt.

Check it out here


Be the pride of the dog park

It's a classic and has been copied by many sellers, but this is the best-seller and is rated highly by buyers. Designed for medium to large dogs, this simple snood-style lion's mane simply slides on your dog's head, staying in place with the elasticated opening, and features lion's ears on each side. You also get a small tail wig for the end of your dog's tail to complete the king of the jungle look. Looks Grrrreat on Golden Retrievers, and you'd only need a Tin Man outfit, a Scarecrow and a Dorothy to create your own doggy Wizard of Oz troupe!

Check it out here


Superhounds assemble!

This quality little doggo-disguise is an official Marvel item and will turn any patriotic pooch into Steve Rogers' Captain America. The super-soft Polyester all-in-one vest is elasticated around the waist and covers your dog's back but with a cutaway underneath so they can still take a super pee. There is a leash hole on the top and ear holes in the hood. And it comes in four sizes so should fit most dogs, from super Pug to super Pitbull.

Check it out here


Don't take any bull!

The perfect costume for Elkhounds, Deerhounds and Bulldogs, turn your pooch into their namesake animals with this slip-on hood featuring soft, stuffed horns. This simple hood costume is made of soft, plush material with a silky lining and has a drawstring fastener inside the front of the hood to secure it in place, although not always necessary if the fit is spot on. Available in two sizes, for medium to large pets, this is the perfect accessory for dogs who shun full body costumes or for just freaking out strangers on camping trips!

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