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Confuse your dog by wearing their face on your mask!

I have a number of different face mask designs in my online stores, but this dog face range is my favorite. I have the Border Collie ones, but this one pictured is for Rottweiler fans. They are from Redbubble and are super soft, non-medical face coverings with elasticated ear loops, and they inspire comments from random dog-lovers on the street!

funny border collie dog social distancing face mask

They're available in 20 dog breeds, but other designs feature many more breeds if yours isn't in this range, such as my social dogstancing range (pictured), which is popular in t-shirts as well as masks, among many other items, and is available in over 40 different dog breeds.

See all my face mask designs here at the Rumble Design Redbubble store.

Stay safe. Be more dog!

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