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'Canine-Approved Human' T-shirt

You are a dog person and all the dogs have given their approval. Passed!

Like many nutcase dog obsessives, whenever I go out I fuss all the dogs I meet. And as a result, I know the dogs better than the humans. And they really do like me. You can measure how much by the number of muddy paw prints all over my clothes when I get home.

So, needing a creative project today, I was inspired to design this shirt, which is fully approved by all my dog friends. It looks good on phone and laptop cases, too, plus throws, clocks, face masks and pillows, amongst other items. All of which can be found at my Redbubble store. It's also at Teepublic, where it's available on hoodies, wall tapestries, stickers and even baby bodysuits.

Or for a simple, standard t-shirt, get it here on Amazon (US only)

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