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Best luxury dog beds for pampered pooches

I love my bed. I hate getting out of it in the morning. But once I'm up I don't see it again until the evening. But your dog's bed is more than just a place to sleep at night; it's their personal space during the day; their secure area; their place to store half-chewed bones. So spending a bit more to ensure it's as comfortable and luxurious as possible is a worthy investment for your canine companion. Plus luxury often means better features, such as orthopedic foam for rickety old hounds or snug cave designs for nervous pups. The following selection gets Rumble's fully approved paws up...


Best for couch surfers

Rumble has adopted my leather armchair as his own, so this Brisbane Faux Leather Couch would be perfect for him, if he was a smaller dog. But as a 45lbs/20kg Border Collie, this is too small - small dogs up to 30lbs/13.5kg is the limit, and that Shih Tzu in the picture is a 22-pounder. Shame, as the furniture-grade construction makes this a sturdy bed that'll last. The material is easy to wipe down and the wooden legs keep your dog away from ground-level drafts. The cushion, although held in place by poppers, can break free and slide forward in some instances. But the reviews are positive and customers love how it fits in with the rest of their furniture and keeps their dog off the human couch.

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Best for delicate for Princes and Princesses

In a similarly sofa-style but without the legs, this Luxe Pets Memory Foam Bed features bolsters on three sides for a secure and comfortable snooze and features true memory foam for alleviating sore joints by distributing weight evenly. It also boasts a super-luxurious washable velvet cover with a waterproof liner underneath to protect the foam. A non-slip silicone bases stops the bed from moving about on laminate floors, too.

The best part is the roomy size for dogs of all sizes, at 30" x 28", and the manufacturer is so confident in their product they offer a full five year guarantee, which is exceptional.

Comments from customers are all very positive, citing high quality construction, with 4 and 5 stars all round.

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Best for extreme comfort

I originally had the Casper Dog Bed in this slot, but after reading some uninspiring reviews and then finding similar complaints on other sites (lack of support, not real memory foam, poor quality for the price), I looked at the Sealy Luxe Quad Orthopedic version, which fared better, but this PetFusion Memory Foam bed pipped them both, with 92% 4 and 5 star reviews from over 9000 customers. I'm happy about this as Rumble inherited the very same bed from my old dog, which I covered in my review on stuff for elderly doggos.

It's made of quality memory foam, which is protected by a waterproof liner. The main Polyester and cotton blend cover is water resistant and removable for machine washing. The bolsters are soft yet supportive, and the base is non-slip. Other than the quality, the best part is the four generous sizes; we have the big Jumbo size - 50" x 40" - which comfortably fits Rumble (large Border Collie), all his toys, and me, on occasion!

Get Rumble's bed here


Best for dogs who own the joint

Bessie & Barnie beds aren't cheap, but damn do they look good. And this Frosted Willow Faux Fur Rectangle Bed is super plush and suitably raised off the ground for dogs who think they own the joint. There's not much to say about these, and there are other similar beds in the range with different style covers. But they rate highly, and reviewers on make clear that they are super soft and dogs sink into their plushness, unlike the Photoshopped picture, giving their dogs the ultimate snug fest. They are made up of five large waterproof pillows, held in place by the plush cover. Apparently they last well, wash easily and most customers return to Bessie & Barnie products again and again.

Take a look here


Best for Instagram photoshoots

Being the Lord of my manor, Rumble has more than one bed (plus an armchair and most of my van). And when I'm in my office, he has a faux fur rug to lie and watch me from. But it's not dog-specific like this PupRug Faux Cowhide Bed, nor anywhere near as big. Look at the size of it!

Initially, I wouldn't have considered this as a full-time bed, but rather a stylish daytime rug that looks better in the middle of your floor than a traditional bed. But with a decent layer of memory foam in it, and being on the ground, elderly dogs may prefer how easy it is to flop onto. Some humans do too, according to some reviews. Not just me then!

The removable faux cowhide cover is washable and the memory foam is protected by a waterproof liner. But all you really need to know is it's huge and it looks amazing.

Dogs rate them highly, but some humans complain about the inevitable shedding you get with faux fur, but also how the non-slip backing starts to shed little black flecks after a number of washes.

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Best for insecure pups

Most animals like to be enclosed to some degree when they sleep as it's a natural instinct to stay protected from prey or territorial invaders in some form of den. And even domesticated dogs feel better when they have a wall behind them or a cover over their head. It's why a crate can help dogs feel secure. So this super-soft bolstered bed with detachable cave cover is the perfect snug for making dogs feel more calm and secure. Made in Germany, to typically high standards, the Cave features a separate, soft mattress with fluffable Sherpa fur, which also lines the cave roof. The roof stays open when fitted and can be machine washed with the mattress. An air vent sits at the rear to let air flow through and stylish vegan leather trim finishes it off. You won't get a big dog in there but small dogs will be right at home and medium-size dogs like a Shiba Inu or Beagle will be snug. This is a top quality bed that would be perfect for dealing with fireworks and other scary scenarios.

Take a look for yourself


Best for big lazy loafers

I had to include a bagel-style bed, as they offer the same snug security of a cave bed or a bolster bed, but with less structure so they fit around your dog's shape, like a beanbag. You only have to look at the photos on the Amazon reviews page of this Majestic Pet Bagel Bed to see how happy dogs are in them. And they tend to be big dogs too. The 40" version will easily snuggle a Doberman, Weimaraner or a Retriever, even with room for a little pal. But they come in 24", 32", 40" and a whopping 52" for the Greatest of Danes. The high loft Polyester filling means the whole mattress is machine washable and the base has a waterproof denier to prevent accidents reaching the carpet. It's an Amazon Choice product with 89% of over 900 customers rating it 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

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